Jinger's Gold-Con Fluid Tube - DIY Plans
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"Jinger's Gold-Con Fluid Tube" that was designed by my 12 year old granddaughter,will turn a 5 gallon bucket of dredge, high-banker, dry washer or screened (1/4 minus) gold bearing gravel into a cup or so of highly concentrated material in a matter of minutes. It saves hours of panning without losing a speck of visible gold. Since gold is 19.3 time heavier than water, Jinger theorized that by using Archimedes Principle of Displacement, her Gold-Con Fluid Tube would displace the lighter, non-valuable waste sand and gravel while leaving the heavier, highly concentrated, valuable gold bearing material in the tube. After winning 1st place in the “working invention” category at her STEM school science fair last spring and with rigorous testing together with some improvements, we saw the potential in that this product could be developed economically, marketed affordably and used successfully in the process of extracting GOLD from your gold bearing gravels.  A fully assembled Jinger's Gold-Con Fluid Tube can be purchased for $40. 

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Jinger's Gold-Con Fluid Tube - DIY Plans

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